The Church of Christ at Concord is composed of a group of Christians who are seeking to restore New Testament Christianity. We accept the Bible as the word of God, the New Testament as our sole standard of authority, and Jesus Christ as Lord.

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Please be reminded that we meet in our Groups the second Sunday of each month. Hosting families are listed in the church bulletin.



Sunday Morning:  9:30 AM – Lord’s Supper, 10:20 AM –Bible Classes, 11:15 AM - Worship

Please note that the first Sunday evening  of the month we begin at 5:30pm with a period of training for the younger boys, followed by an update from our shepherds. At 6pm we share a time of prayers, songs, and scripture readings led by the men of the congregation.  The second Sunday evening of each month is devoted to meeting in small groups hosted in the homes by various brethren. Third and fourth Sunday evenings are devoted to individual evangelist opportunites within the congregation and community. Fifth Sunday evenings we gather at the church building at 6pm for singing praises to our Lord.


Adults may choose from the following Sunday morning classes during our fall quarter:  "1st & 2nd Timothy and Titus", "Angels and Demons", or "The Mt. Olivet Discourse - When Shall These Things Be?" Wednesday evening studies will be a repeat of the "Angels and Demons" class and "The Mt. Olivet ... " class.

CongreGATE (website)

Our CongreGATE website is a very special tool to keep us in touch.  Members can gain access to the online directory by signing up for access.  Click on the Members tab above for details

Sunday November 29 2015

Old Testament: Ezek 27-28 Ezek 27-28

(Daily Reading, ESV)