The Church of Christ at Concord is a family of Christians who meet together regularly to worship God and encourage one another. Our purpose is to glorify God and make disciples. We accept the Bible as the Word of God and strive to follow its teachings in all that we do.

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Safety & Security information has been added to the members section of the website. Please look over this information and familarize yourself with it. Questions, comments or concerns should be directed to Clarence Robbins, Safety & Security Team Coordinator.


A new year means new Bible classes! There are a number of Bible Classes for all ages going on every week.  We would love to have you join us. Click here for a current list of classes.


Our shepherds have requested that we pray diligently to our Father about these efforts.  Please keeps these efforts in your daily prayers:

  • A possible Spanish work
    • Pray that God will help us to find a person who can bridge the language barrier and bring the gospel to many Spanish speaking souls in our area.
  • Spiritual growth
    • Pray that individually and as a group of saints God will guide us to better understand His truth and that our faith will grow and be evident to many.
  • Build relationships with each other
    • Pray that God will help us to see each saint at Concord as family and that we all will reach out to encourage and meet each other’s needs.


Our order of services have been rearranged. Check out our meeting times for more information.

CongreGATE (website)

Our CongreGATE website is a very special tool to keep us in touch.  Members can gain access to the online directory by signing up for access.  Click on the Members tab above for details