Meeting Times

Meeting Times

SUNDAYS 9:30am - Bible Classes for all ages
                10:15 am Worship Assembly

Wednesdays 7:00pm - Bible Classes for all ages

Because of our shared faith in Christ, it is so edifying to be with one another and we are encouraged each time we can be together.  We appreciate the support and understanding of the congregation as we continue to navigate through the COVID pandemic.  Your well-being is important, so should you have any symptoms or have concerns regarding your health, consult with your medical professionals.  As always, feel free to contact any of the elders with any questions, concerns, and suggestions you may have.   

COVID Update May 20, 2021: In view of recent revisions to CDC guidelines and announcements by the governor of North Carolina, the elders would like to take several steps towards 'returning to normal' but also recognize there are some changes that may be implemented somewhat later.  Please note the following:

  • We will continue to encourage individuals to be vaccinated as soon as practical since vaccines are now widely available.  Should individuals have any concerns or questions regarding the vaccine, they should consult with their medical professionals.
  • We will no longer request that masks be worn inside the building.  However, any person that is more comfortable wearing a mask for any reason is certainly encouraged to do so.  
  • All pews will be opened for seating.  
  • Hand sanitizer will continue to be made available and we encourage people to use sanitizer. 
  • In June we will phase out the use of Zoom for the adult classes on Sunday and Wednesday.  
  • Worship service will still be provided online via YouTube, primarily as an evangelistic tool or for members in unique circumstances.  
  • The large classroom by the foyer will be available for any person that prefers to be seated in a socially distanced manner.  
  • Contributions will be placed in the slot and the basket in the foyer will be removed. 
  • We will continue the use of individual communion cups well into the summer.
  • Bulletins will be handed out by greeters in the foyer rather than placed on the pews.
  • Water fountains will remain closed. Please bring your own water if necessary.
  • Foyer furniture will continue to be inaccessible - please continue to proceed directly outside after worship services.

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We meet every Sunday from 9:30am-11:30am for Bible classes, partaking of the Lord's Supper and worship.

9:30am - Bible Classes for All Ages
10:15am - Lord's Supper & Worship




7:00 PM – Bible Classes for All Ages


Be sure to check the calendar for other special meeting times or events!