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May 16-22, 2021 Acts 12, 13, 14
Lesson 7: Teaching the Gospel to More People

Daily Bible Reading & Study: Children's Bible Study Page

ABCs of Acts
L - Liberated from Prison (ch 12)
M - Missionary Journeys of Paul Begin (ch 13)
N - Not Gods, Just Men (ch 14)


The Charlotte church of Christ is having a gospel meeting May 16-21, 2021 with guest speaker Tommy Peeler. More information on their flyer


Check out the May members calendar for Bible studies, events, birthdays, anniversaries and more!


May 2 - 8, 2021
Lesson 5: Teaching the Gospel to an Ethiopian
Acts 8 & 9

Daily Bible Reading & Study
Sat - Lesson 5
Sun - Bible Class
Mon - Acts 8:4-6,9-13,18-22
Tues - Acts 8:26-39
Wed - Bible Class & Acts 9:1-19a
Thur - Acts 9:19b-28
Fri -Acts 9:32-42


ABCs of Acts
H - Horrible Saul (ch 8)
I - Instructed to Change (ch 9)

Children's Bible Study Page
Bible Knowledge Expectations


Starting Sunday, May 2, 2021, we will begin at 9:25am with Bible classes for all ages followed by worship at 10:15am. The adult Bible class will be in-person and online on Zoom. Our worship assembly will be in-person and online using Zoom or YouTube live. For more information see our meeting times, what to expect, or virtual studies page.


With much prayerful consideration and being richly blessed by God, we are pleased to announce that Cameron & Jenna Meeks will be relocating to Concord and joining the work here.  We believe Cameron & Jenna are a great fit for our congregation. Cameron will actually begin working virtually on April 1st and he and Jenna should complete their relocation to Concord in early June after they both complete their teaching obligations in Florida. This is something in which we can certainly rejoice and give all glory to God!


Introducing Congregate Members Version 2.0
The Congregate Members app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and features an all-new interface and native functionality. Designed for iOS and Android, Congregate Members 2.0 offers many improvements and new features. See the release notes for more information. Download Congregate Members 2.0 via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Beginning Sunday, February 7, 2021, we will be starting our service at 9:30am. We  will first gather in the auditorium for our worship assembly. After our worship assembly we will have Bible classes for all ages. Please follow the elders & ushers directions regarding dismissal to Bible classes in order to maintain social distancing. 


We are joyously worshipping in-person at the church building again.  We will continue to provide online services if you are unable to attend.    

We strongly encourage members to remain at home if they have any symptoms of the coronavirus or have been exposed to those that have the virus.  Members should also consider remaining at home if they have recently traveled, particularly if they have been in contact with new populations of people.  Members should consider their own vulnerability due to their respective health conditions in order to make the appropriate individual decision regarding their safety before assembling with others. Older members and those vunerable should join us online.

For your safety, we are striving to take all reasonable precautions and prepare appropriately.  Therefore, our worship service will have a much different feel, primarily to achieve physical distancing for your protection.    We will utilize about one half of our seating capacity due to taping off every other row and staggering the seating of families across the rows.  Here are some other steps that are being taken for which you should be aware:

  • Enter the building through the main doors into the foyer.  The doors under the carport will remain locked and only used to exit the building.
  • All adults and children 5 years old and older should wear a mask to reduce the chance a person unknowingly spreads the virus to others. Please wear your mask at all times except in partaking of the Lord's Supper.
  • You will be greeted in the foyer and encouraged to move directly to the auditorium to minimize any congestion.
  • Prepackaged communion will be available for you to pick up and take to your seat.  We will not be passing trays during the service. There will be a basket in the foyer for giving.
  • You will be ushered to your seat.  Please arrive early to allow adequate time to seat each family.  Sit only with your household.
  • There will no access to the classroom wings or the water fountains.  Bring your own water bottle if you deem that necessary
  • After the conclusion of services, families will be dismissed in an orderly manner by the ushers, by rows, and people will be asked to proceed directly outside.
  • If we subsequently learn that anyone who attended a worship service has contracted the virus from any source, and therefore may have exposed other members, we will inform all members and urge anyone that attended the services to self-quarantine and seek advice from their medical professionals.

These uncertain and troubled times clearly reinforce something we already know:  Jesus Christ is the answer!


Giving is an act of worship that expresses our gratitude and faith in God and shows our love for others. If you would like to financially support the work being carried out by the Concord Church of Christ, there are a few ways that you can contribute. See our GIVING page for more details.


A new feature of the member's section of our website is a members map page. The member map page displays a Google Map with all members’ addresses plotted. This makes it easy to see which members live in similar or nearby areas.


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