Keepers of the Kingdom

Keepers of the Kingdom

July 9-12, 2023

Child Registration (4 years old - 12 years old)


Teen/Adult Registration


We are engaged in an epic battle for the hearts and minds of our youth. Every day, they are bombarded with lies about who they are, who their Creator is, and where their salvation comes from. Thankfully, God has given his children armor to wear in this battle between truth and lies, light and darkness, good and evil.

Kids & adults at this VBS learn how they can be part of God’s kingdom through salvation in his Son and will be equipped with the armor of God to become Keepers of the Kingdom who stand strong in today’s battle for truth.

Session 1 - Sunday Morning 9:30am  - The Two Kingdoms
Session 2 - Sunday Evening 5:30pm - The Belt
Session 3 - Monday Evening 5:30pm - The Breastplate & Shoes
Session 4 - Tuesday Evening 5:30pm - The Shield & Helmet
Session 5 - Wednesday Evening 5:30pm - The Sword & Prayer

Sunday morning 9:30-11:30am
Sunday evening  through Wednesday evening 5:30-7:15pm*

*Make sure your children eat before VBS! 

For more information, contact Cameron Meeks