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Articles & Devotionals

Spiritual Checkup

Peter’s words caught my eye the other day.  1Peter 2:2-3 “like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation,  (3)  if you have tasted the kindness of the Lord.”  Peter is talking about an expectation.  For everyone who has tasted of the kindness of the Lord in experiencing His salvation from sin, there is an expectation of spiritual growth. 

Do you remember how we started this year talking about spiritual growth and setting goals?  I asked all of us to look back at what our greatest weaknesses and successes were in 2019 and then set 4 spirituals goals for 2020.  Our focus was on intentionally growing in our faith and relationship with God.  Then 2020 kicked into high gear.

None of us could have imagined what has happened over these first 6 months of the year.  There has been an upheaval to life as we know it in so many ways.  For many it has brought them closer to God as we have seen the brevity of life and the uncertainty of today.  But I’m also concerned that some have gotten caught up in the cares of this world and have put their spiritual journey on the back burner.  It’s easy to get distracted, Satan works hard at that.  In these past few months there have been times that I have fallen prey to the distractions that seemed so important and God took a back seat.  But that’s not what our heavenly Father deserves.

So I’m asking you to join me in re-evaluating our spiritual goals.  How are you doing in reaching those goals you set?  Have you made a lot or little progress towards them?  Or maybe you are still at the starting line with some of them.  That’s ok because God meets us where we are.  He is ready to help us take the next step. The key for you and me is to refocus our hearts and minds towards drawing closer to God and making Him our priority.

Peter says one of the ways we grow in our salvation is to long for the pure milk of His word like newborn babies long for milk.  Have you seen a baby drink milk?  I have a one-year old nephew who loves to drink his bottle of milk.  To watch him drink you would think it’s the happiest moment of the day for him.  And when he is finished, he has such a calm and satisfied look on his face.  Peter is telling us that God’s word does the same for us spiritually.  We are to develop a longing for the words of our Father.  The more we drink in His words the more they bring us a satisfaction that is found nowhere else.

So, as we re-evaluate our spiritual goals, ask yourself how much time do you spend with God and His word?  In the mornings when you wake, what do you reach for first?  Is it your phone to see what texts, news, or posts you’ve missed or is it His word? (Yes, I’m guilty of first grabbing my phone.)  One of the great ways to get back into His word is to join in the Wednesday bible classes on Zoom.  I know it’s easy to dismiss this opportunity because so many other things are going on in life.  But hasn’t our current situation made it easier to study God’s word?  You don’t have to drive to the building after a long day’s work, you can eat while you’re a part of the meeting and you can wear your comfortable clothes.  Starting July 8th we are beginning 2 new classes, so what is your excuse?

No matter what else happens in this year, my heart’s desire is for all of us to look back and say that we spiritually grew and completed the goals we set for ourselves.  Today do a spiritual checkup and see where you are with your goals.  If you’re not where you need to be, just talk with God.  He is right there waiting to help you take the next step on your spiritual journey.

In God's love,