April - June 2021 Children's Bible Classes

April - June 2021 Children's Bible Classes

Classes will be in-person on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings! Students should complete the workbook lesson prior to class on Sunday morning and the daily Bible readings throughout the week.     

Kindergarten & 1st Grade
2nd & 3rd Grade
4th & 5th Grade

New Testament Bible Knowledge Expectations
Old Testament Bible Knowledge Expectations

     Toddler Teachers: Celia Sansbury & Julia Sole
     Preschool Teachers: Retha Nance, Christi Cheney & Alice Graham
     Kindergarten & 1st grade Teachers: Meghann Blankenship & Sarah Fox
     2nd & 3rd grade Teachers: Jeff & Judy Corey
     4th & 5th grade Teachers: Carla Jones & Robyn Finney



Past Studies:
Oct 2020 - Mar 2021: Victory
April - Sept 2020: God is Good at Life & Bread

5-year Scope & Sequence for Children's Classes (preschool to 5th grade)