Children's Bible Study

Children's Bible Study

God is Good at Victory!
Parents & Caregivers -  Please use your child's lesson folder along with these weekly guides to teach your children at home. Hopefully we will be having Bible classes again in person soon and we can pick right back up! Included at the end of each guide are discussion questions and ideas to make this a study for your whole family. 


The Our Spiritual Heritage theme for October 2020 to March 2021 is God is Good: Victory Lessons “God is the Hero of the Bible”  These lessons are designed  to teach our children to recognize God as our Wonderful Creator and Savior and to learn how to praise Him with adoration and thanksgiving.  The focus of these lessons is to teach our hearts to trust God’s Eternal Plan.  If we obey God and follow His wise council, He will fight our battles.  Through Jesus we are victorious over sin.  God has power over life and death.  We must fully trust and obey. We must trust God and believe on His promises.  These lessons focus on individuals in the Bible with whom these marvelous truths are demonstrated and are taught as part of God’s plan for us to be saved and live with Him throughout eternity.   This Bible knowledge and these truths are so important for the spiritual development of our children so that their hearts will turn to God.


Preschool schedule
K-1st grade & 2nd-3rd grade schedule
4th - 5th grade schedule


October 4-10: Lesson 1 - Parent's Guide & Visuals

October 11-17: Lesson 2 - Parent's Guide & Visuals

October 18-24: Lesson 3 - Parent's Guide & Visuals

October 25-31: Lesson 4 - Parent's Guide & Visuals

November 1-7: Lesson 5 - Parent's Guide & Visuals



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5-year Scope & Sequence for Children's Classes (preschool to 5th grade)