Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Winter Quarter Bible classes begin January 7, 2018.   See below for more information on each adult study.

Be Like Christ: Tell Others & Serve Others  (Sunday mornings)

We will be engaging in a study, discussion and practical application of serving others and telling others about Him.  Most importantly, we will be working together with people who are in a similar life situation or share similar gifts and talents.

On Sunday, January 14th the elders will be leading us in a kick-off to this class in the auditorium.

  • Over the following 9 weeks, we will rotate through three 3-week sessions:
    • In Session #1, we will be divided up by our current marital and parental status
    • In Session #2, we will be divided up by our working status (e.g. retired, stay-at-home mother, etc)
    • In Session #3, we will be divided up by our dominant spiritual gift(s) or talent(s)
      If you haven’t already, you should complete the survey in the coming weeks.  Link below...
  • On Sunday, March 25th we will all gather back into the auditorium for a send-off class from the elders


Study of Jesus: Who Do You Say That I Am?  (Wednesday evenings)

Sometimes we lose sight of who Jesus really is, especially because we can’t physically see Him.  This class will be presented as a simple and practical view of Him as a man, God and our Savior.  Like the Summer Series, we will have a different speaker each week.  Attached is a list of the topics that we will cover as we answer the question…Who is Jesus?  The first class will be this Wednesday, January 10th.

Sundays 9:30am  Bible Classes - Lord's Supper - Worship
Wednesdays 7:00pm  Bible Classes